Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Day 2012

We left Rambler's Rest in Venice on Sunday, New Years Day,  and arrived at Peace River around 11 am.  Our mail never caught up to us before we left Rambler's Rest from Davenport, Florida.  It really should have since it was sent to us on Wed.  We found out today that it was delivered.... to Rambler's Rest.  What should have taken one day took 6 !

Sammy the cat gave us heart failure Sunday.  He scooted out as we were getting set up which didn't bother us because he just hangs around.  By late afternoon we started to say to each other that we hadn't seen him in awhile.  By dark, we started to panic a bit and by 8 we were out looking for him and calling to see if he'd come to us.  He never did.  I spent an agonizing night, waking up on and off and calling him.  In the morning I took Sassy and started to ask anyone I met if they had seen a grey tabby.  My biggest fear was that he had gotten into someone's bay compartment and was either no longer here or trapped.  Bob and Laverne drove around asking folks and got a lead.  A gentleman said he was up before light and saw a grey tabby in the tall grass next to his house.  Butch was asking everyone if they would look in their bays... just in case.  Everyone was so helpful.  I told Butch about the lead and he went up there and called him out of the tall grass.  What a relief !!!!   He is now grounded !!! 

Pictures to be posted  soon. 

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